Lessons From My Father

This post has nothing to do with agency life, but everything to do with some of the most important life lessons I ever learnt from my dad. I recently lost my dad and it’s taken me a while to get my shit together to write this. I thought it would be a quirky way to remember him, and perhaps also help me deal with his loss.


I really miss him

I love you dad…now and always…


RIP T.P Musyoki

My hero was an awesome guy. An enlightened man, with a very wicked sense of humour.


Case in point; Every-time I came back home from a retouch, he had something slick to say about my hair.


One time he was like, “Hey, you actually have a small head. You kinda look like a black jack but without the spines.”


Another time, still after a retouch, he was like, “You kinda look like a flamingo”




He loved to tease me. I guess it was his way of saying…

Image result for its never that serious

If you’ve met me, you’ve probably figured out by now where my sense of humour comes from.


Special shout out to you if i have ever said you look like a secretary bird doing the walk of shame (Though I think in most cases I meant it)


Anyway, lets get to it…

Lesson On Work

“Never be afraid of work. Never be afraid of housework. Learn how to do things by yourself so that when you have nobody to do them for you, you will never be stranded.”


“When it comes to choosing a career path, don’t pick something that makes you miserable.”


Not his exact words but you get the point…

On employment, one of the things the best things he ever said and that I still firmly believe in to this day is…


Or keep one…

Still on employment, “Never work for anyone who you know can’t pay you, doesn’t pay you well, or doesn’t value and respect you and what you do. Walk away.”


But you know how sometimes, as kids we think we know better like…


Yeah just like ferrets are expert biometric engineers

Good news is that sometime last year, I heeded his advice and was like..


I’ve had enough of this gaddamn shit…

From my experience, (and I had to learn the hard way through health and wellness issues), NO job is worth your health and peace of mind!




Lesson on Money & Debt

“Money changes people. When you come into money, never let it change who you are or make you forget where you are from.”


“Spend your money like you have some sense!”


But to be honest I sometimes still struggle with that one…


On debt, he told me to follow this procedure when banks come knocking on my door asking me to apply for loans I really don’t need…


Sio leo please…

He also consistently mentioned that debts and friendships will never be a good combination…


When I talked to him about lending money to some shady guys, he said, “Sometimes people who owe you money will get dodgy”…


“If you can afford to let that money go, then do it. What they owed you was the price you needed to pay for them to get out of your life.”


“Be discerning when it comes to people who are only with you for what you have or can offer them…they will ruin you.”


Get away from them bitches…


Lesson On Friendships

“Be very selective with who you let in your life. Those individuals will either inspire you or drain you…pick them wisely.”


“If you claim have more friends than the number of fingers on your hands…you need to look up the meaning of the word ‘Acquaintances’ don’t confuse the two.”


“When, or if you are ever blessed enough to get good friends, remember… four things:





He was a hospitable guy; a great host. He gave them the best and from him I learned:

When your friends come to your home, treat them like royalty (but before some of you get carried away), lets use the term ‘Treat them well’


“Guard and nurture your friendships.”


But this is also me taking the ‘guarding’ shit a tad to literally…


Love you guys sana…


Lesson on Religion & Spirituality 

“There is a God; Regardless of his different names, regardless of different denominations. Remember He is there and show respect!”


“Respect and embrace other religions.”


“Learn more about the universe and understand the laws of karma.”


Lakini sometimes this is also me…


“Don’t ever stop praying and above all never forget to be grateful for everything you have. An attitude of gratitude is an important one. No matter the circumstance”



Lessons on Life In General

“Be kind, kind people are a rare breed that the world needs more of.”giphy18

“You are not above anyone. Treat everyone with respect.”


“Not everyone is going to like you…be ok with that. Don’t fall over yourself trying to win people over.”


“Don’t use your dressing or looks to get peoples attention…you have a far more powerful weapon; your brain.”


“Read and read some more. The moment you think you know everything, the world will be eager to slap you back into reality.”


“Guard your name and your reputation. Guard them with everything you’ve got. There’s no amount of money that can buy them back.”


Fierce like Drogon

“You have two ears and one mouth…listen more, speak less.”


“One of the hardest words to say is ‘SORRY’. Don’t lose people because you are too proud to say it.”


As an over-thinker, this is also me half the time…


What did I do???? Will they accept my apology? Do they hate me?

“Say what you mean and mean what you say. Say what needs to be said. Do what you need to do. Don’t be the person who, years later, asks themselves…

Image result for what if

“Travel the world and see new places. It will open your mind, it will free your spirit.”


“When you are angry…


And unfortunately, I have never really mastered this lesson. Just there like…


“When you go on a date carry your own money. Don’t be the girl who is embarrassed because you can’t hold your own. Always be able to take care of yourself.”


“Never give up even after you fail. Your greatest lessons will come from your biggest failures.”


“Respect nature. If you don’t, she will make you do so. Be kind to animals. Also, don’t trust people who are not kind to animals.”


“I want you to hear this from me and I never want you forget that…


This always made me cry

“Love and cherish those who are important to you. Tell people you love them as often as you can. Don’t ever let them wonder if you do. You never know the last time you will get to say those words.”

So here’s to my peeps reading this…


Don’t say I didn’t say it…

In closing, heres to you dad. I miss you terribly. I wish heaven had a phone line so that I could ring you up and hear your voice. I would give anything to talk to you one last time, hug you one last time and hear you laugh and see you smile.

Watch over me. I will love you always.


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