I Love You But…

This was/is a special dedication to those that got turned away.
Written On the 1st November 2012, this was my first piece of poetry ever. The pain of heart-break channeled to the right places sure can show you things you never thought you had in you.
I love you but, I don’t think you do
Every waking moment I think of you
When I heard you were with another, I felt blue
Like Humpty, I couldn’t be mended by glue
Now I’m emotionally numb
Just thinking, “Was I dumb?”
Then i think about how you made me laugh,
How you made me cry,
How you made me laugh and cry…
Then I just sigh…
I love you but I don’t think you do
You say it’s not the time for love to brew
And my heart stops because I know that’s my cue
That this is adieu
And though I’m strong I think “Maybe I’m not that fine”
or “Maybe I whine”
You forget I would’ve done anything for you
I would’ve remained true
Yeah baby, I’m one of the few
Then I begin to think, “Will I wait for you?”
Then you slam the door and I think, “Let’s move to Timbuktu!”
I love you but you say you aren’t ready
That you aren’t yet steady
And I think, “I’m here, you wont be weary”
then you say you see nothing here but dreary
Then I get teary
Then you go, “Really?”
Then I think, “This is scary”
Dear God hear my Hail Mary
I love you but you are with another
Who I think is just a blunder
But then again,
We are sunder,
And I can help but wonder
How it was that in your arms didn’t fear thunder
Then I go under
Wondering if you’re with another lover
Or if I will recover
Then I pull up the covers
Praying that one day you will discover
I loved you then, I love you now, yeah, it’s no more undercover.



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