Whiskey, Bad Decisions & Adventure (Part 2)

So back to where we last left off... Two things I was grateful for when I got off that bus: Some knowledge of how to get around Mombasa town. I did not have to struggle with transport...Uber is in Mombasa! I was on the real testimony like... Because Rekegwire... If God forbid I had to … Continue reading Whiskey, Bad Decisions & Adventure (Part 2)

Myths vs Truths of Agency Life

Myth #1 You get to come to work at whatever time you please...like a boss! Truth:  This is us half the time...praying for God to put peace in HR's heart... Myth #2 We have VIP tickets to every event and party... "You get a ticket, You get a ticket, everybody gets a ticket!!!!" Truth: Myth … Continue reading Myths vs Truths of Agency Life

Whiskey, Bad Decisions & Adventure (Part 1)

It began over a couple of whiskeys...How all good stories begin... ...That we made a random plan to travel to Coast. Given my stellar track record of bad decisions especially when it comes to random plans...I didn't even think before I was like... We had about three weeks to sort out the logistics...some decided on flying down...but … Continue reading Whiskey, Bad Decisions & Adventure (Part 1)